Bentley Franklin ‘Peter’ Smith


A Graveside service for Mr. Bentley Franklin ‘Peter’ Smith beloved husband of Iris Smith nee Davis son of the late Alice O. Smith, loving father of Andrea Peets, Sharon Doars, Angela Harvey, the late Gladwyn Woods, Robin and Dennison Smith, brother of the late Victor (Easter Lily), James Wentworth (Jimmy), Lionel (Pond), Vernon Winslow (Winty) Smith, Florrie Talbot, Mary (Dot), Vivian Bean, Yvonne (Eva) Smith, Phyllis Smith, Rosemarie (Sis) DeVent in his 86th year of Uppington Crescent, Rockville Lane, Pembroke will be held at St. Mark’s Cemetery on Friday, December 4, 2015 at 11am.