Raymond Eugene Gardiner


AUGUSTUS FUNERAL HOME REGRETS TO ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF: – Raymond Eugene (Pro) Gardiner. A Graveside service for Mr. Raymond Eugene (Pro) Gardiner son of the late Lawrence and Deidra Gardiner, husband to Coreen Bailey, father to Tari Trott (mother: Cassandra Trott), Jahmarley Gardiner (mother: Doreen Harvey), Jahris and Kumari Gardiner (mother: Coreen Bailey), and JahDesta and Jahmeela Trott, brother to Noel Gardiner, and Jeanette Furbert and the late Earlston and Rueben Gardiner, Ella Smith and Valinda Saunders in his 61st year of # 77 Cedarpark, Prospect Devonshire will be held at Pembroke Parish Cemetery Today, January 31st, 2014 at 12:00 pm. Flowers may be sent. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING. Also surviving are 7 grandchildren; mother-in-law: Deborah Bailey; father-in-law: Glensworth Bailey; daughter-in-law: Tiffany Gardiner; sister-in-law: Pauline Gardiner; nephews: Kevin Ming, Kaelon and Keimo Furbert, Allan, Rocky, Lee DeGraffe and Greg Saunders; nieces: Tanya and Selena Gardiner; special friends: Ras, Plum, Smila (Joe Gibbs), Worrell Bean, Wali, Jay, Danny Eve, Nettie Anne Wolfe, too numerous to name all. Cedarpark family, All Selassie I Sons and Daughters of the Rastafarian Community. Come as you are.