Jennette Marie Wheatley



AUGUSTUS FUNERAL HOME REGRETS TO ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF: – Jennette Marie Wheatley. A funeral service for Jennette Marie Wheatley, beloved wife of the late Walter Wheatley, daughter of the late Rose & Joseph Soares, loving mother to Robert Wheatley, sister to Dukie Soares, Judy Rollin and the late Bernie Deemer and Bettey Gardiner in her 78th year of 8 Sousa Estate, Devonshire FL01 will be held at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 23 South Shore Road, Smith’s Today, January 8th, 2014 at 3:00 pm. Interment will follow at Holy Calvary Cemetery, Roberts Avenue, Devonshire. In Lieu of flowers donations may be made to Open Airways either on line or sent to P.O. Box 1164 Hamilton HM EX. There will be no viewings. Bright Colours may be worn. Also surviving are granddaughter: Brooke Wheatley; aunt: Mary DeFontes; brothers-in-law: Dick Deemer, Stephen Rollin; sister-in-law: Sandra Soares; nieces: Kathy Gardiner-Hebert, Lori Gardiner, Debbie Mingo; nephews: Nicholas and Mark Soares, Alexander and Andrew Rollin, Barry Deemer, Jeff Gardiner; special friends and other relatives:Rusty Hutchings, Marilynn & Vincent Lewis, Shelly, Darren and Jason Lewis, Nikki, Jonathan and Alison Soares, Larry and Nancy Dennis, Mickey & Barbara Johnson, Penny Fowkes and the Pams.

Marilyn Francis Patricia White nee Gumbs


AUGUSTUS FUNERAL HOME REGRETS TO ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF: – Ms. Marilyn Francis Patricia White (nee Gumbs). A Home-Going service for Ms. Marilyn Francis Patricia White (nee Gumbs) daughter of the late William and Daphne Gumbs, loving mother to Keith, Malika Gumbs and Larry White, sister to Gayle Gumbs, Bernelle Brangman, Annette Ible, Linda Sterling, the late Hubert Spence and Mable Thomas in her 61st year of Apt. 13 # 2 Alexandra Road, Devonshire will be held at Hamilton, Seventh-Day-Adventist Church Today, January 8th, 2014 at 1:00 pm. Interment will follow at Pembroke Parish Cemetery. Flowers may be sent. There will be no viewings. Also surviving are grandchildren: Azaire Young, Salair Gibbons, Jahzia Anderson, Larrinho White, Ka-Nahje Gumbs, Adore Gibbons, Che-Ryish, Nae-Shian and Unity Benjamin; aunts and uncle: Lucas Spence, Suhailah Mu-Minah, Phyllis Leader of Boston; brothers-in-law: Leonard Ible, Desmond Sterling; sister-in-law: Lavinia Spence; nieces: Judy Spence, Glovia Brangman, Pamela Grey, Paula Simons, Terrylyn Doyle, Sherrylyn Noble, Cordia Cavanaugh, Roxanne, Eunice Roberts; nephews: Hubert Spence Jr., Jamal, Jermaine Pearman, Franklyn Jr., Julian and Anthony Roberts; special friends: Dean, Dawn Pitt, Terryann Smith, Quana Smith, Robin Hunt, Roger Cox, Jennifer Welch numerous great nieces and nephews here local and Jamaican friends.